If you have launched a new website then you may be requiring a SEO Company to increase traffic to your website and also give a professional look to your website. These are a few tried and tested tips which work wonders for SEO companies.
1] Choosing the right keyword is the first step. Make Sure you do a thorough research and choose a keyword for your tagline. This can help visitors to visit your website through search engines.

2] The content should be natural and informative and make sure that keywords used should naturally fit in the content. Include the main keywords in the beginning and the end of the tag line and each page of your website.

4] Your online business website should be professionally designed targeting SEO. Keywords should be used in an effective manner in Meta tags, image Alt tag, Text links etc.
5] Have an effective and quality back links.

6] Create blogs and use keyword rich contents in it.

7] Keep updating the contents in your website and keep including changes if any.

8] Use Government back links for more effective on the search engines.

9] For getting the best rankings on the search engines you need to design your online

business site in such a way that it is easier to access it. It should be something that even beginners must be comfortable with.

10] Validating your website is important especially when major changes are to be made in the content of your portal.

11] For better effectiveness and improved performance, restrict your use of keywords to one.
12] Social Marketing can work wonders for your online business. It offers you a platform to interact with millions of people at the same time without any cost attached. So make sure you harness the powers of using a social networking site.